Indiana Mining Industrial & Power Supplies is Mainly Focused on Civil Construction Work. The Company is Registered with NHBRC and is CIDB graded. 

Our Services

Building & Road Construction

Including paving, concrete slabs& pillars

Property Renovations

Including carpentry, painting, demolitions, partitioning of offices, dry walling, tilling, wooden flooring, ceilings and plumbing

Automotive Spares


Electrical Equipment and Installations


Septic Tanks

Maintenance, removal and reinstallation


No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Civil Projects

Maintenance Projects

Underground Mining Ventilation Ducts


Dust Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems

Piping (Steel & HDPE)



Years of experience

percent Black Female Owned

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.” 

―Rick Pitino

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer comes first. Customer satisfaction is more than our daily mantra – it is the reason for everything that we do. Our top notch reliable service team and workforce can expertly assist in every facet of ordering, customization and application. The professionalism and mannerism with which we answer your call and enquiries says it all with a true meaning.

Quality Assurance

Throughout our history, we have een committed to redefining what quality means in our organisation. Quality of our products and services remains our prioroty in the business. Our attention to detail on custiomer art work applications, order fulfillment, technical and customer support, says it all. 

Social Equity

We carefully manage the impact our organisation has on individuals, local communities and society at large. We are committed to fair, safe and honest treatment of our people as well as sustainable collaboration with our customers. We render superioir quality while our safety and performance are sourced ethically and are economically and ecologically sound. 

Sustainable Practices

Continuois improvement is our commitment. Indiana Mining is also engaged in a myriad of ongoing company-widediscovery and implementation aimed at evaluating and improving our products and services as we as practices. Examples include reseach, self assessments, validation, certification, health and safety as a must investment with regards to developing our people to sucess in tomorrows challenges.

Call Our Office:

(+27) 13 591 0013

We bring over 20 years of experience.

Never under-estimate the power of experience.


– Reliability: Provide and deliver precision service
– Experience: Delivered acclaimed services for more than half a decade
– Cooperation: Growing with our employees and business associates
– Innovation: Stay one step ahead always
– Service: Offer our customers exactly what they need
– Environmental Technology: Support carbon neutral and green
– Trust: Enhance customer satisfaction
– Efficiency: Lower costs and time management
– Safety: Sustainable safe working practice as part of our culture
– Teamwork: Work as a team to meet the highest requirements

Products and Components on Supplies

– Mechanical seals & reconditioning
– Industrial high pressure cleaning
– Suppliers of all types of automotive spares
– Pipes (Steel and HDPE)
– Lubrication systems
– Filter Bags
– Couplings
– Strainers
– Pumps
– Valves

What we can Supply

– All service kits for all makes of vehicles (oil filers, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, glow plugs, etc)
– All engine parts: Pistons, rings, engine bearings, oil pumps, water pumps, gasket sets. 
– Suspension parts: Ball joints, tie-rod ends, rack ends, suspension brushes, etc
– Suppliers and installations of tyres: Motor vehicles, LDV’s and Mini-buses
– Suppliers and installation of exhaust systems, tow bars and bull bars
– Suppliers, installation, repairs of all types of gearboxes
– Suppliers of Turbos (reconditioned or new)
– Panelbeating and spraypainting


Our Delivery Period

Our manufacturers and importers of all our products are situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria. Cape Town and Durban. Our delivery period of parts from Johannesburg and Pretoria are half a day. Our delivery periods of parts from Cape Town and Durban are a full day. 

Some of Our Clients

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